Here's some information and specifications of our sunbeds.


Brand New For June 2018

Introducing the brand new to the market Black Shadow Electronic Ultimate 24 tube tube stand up vertical sunbed, purpose built for the home hire market. You cannot get a more powerful home sunbed then the Black Shadow. With 0.3 Evolution Electronic tubes which have optimised UVA/UVB tanning performance - resulting in a deeper longer lasting tan. With a built in full body user controlled body breeze system you will have cooler tanning and integral ventilation. 

The Black Shadow Electronic has 24 high powered UK legal 0.3 Evolution Fast Tan bulbs, these are the best bulbs on the market for home hire. The space required for the sunbed is slightly less than 1 metre by 1 metre. All that's required is a mains plug nearby. The sunbed comes in x5 pieces and is set up by our qualified installer. 

The ergonomically shaped, 5 panel design has been designed for full body coverage providing customer comfort whilst maintaining close proximity tanning. Only 1 mains plug required, unlike some others. Fully hinged door, opens with little effort and walk in. Designed and manufactured in the UK these units are top of the range home sunbeds. Using only the highest quality components available for optimum performance. Built in timers.


Brand New For June 2018

The VT20 is a 20 bulb stand up vertical sunbed, made for the home hire market. With a built in full body customer controlled body breeze fan system, 0.3 compliant safe tubes. Quick installation, x2 safety timers. Walk in and close the door behind you with the effortless hinged door, The close body tanning system can be adjusted to users requirements. 

The size of the sunbed makes it truly a portable sunbed, installed by one person and comes in x5 pieces you will be tanning in no time, All the space you require is slightly less than 1 metre by 1 metre. Making it ideal to tuck away in the corner of any room. Please see the Black Shadow for a 24 bulb ultimate model 

All the benefits of a commercial sunbed at the convenience of your own home. With access through a front or back door is all that's required, these sunbeds can be set up anywhere. All the sunbeds use one plug and a normal household socket. Fully assembled onsite in less then 5 minutes, 


                                               LAY DOWN

Brand New For June 2018

The Elite Electronic 18 tube double lay down sunbed has a built in 4 tube facial or leg tanner. The double canopy has high power 0.3 compliant safe tanning technology, Curved canopy to promote even tanning and a curved aluminium base for comfort. Built in twin safety timers, acrylic safety screens with 6 foot tubes. Hydraulically assisted lift and lower canopy.

We have decided to use the market leading brand for home sunbeds. Philips have been making sunbeds for many years. We use the Philips Sunmobile 4s model. This model is a fully foldable full body, height adjustable with extra facial tanning boost at the press of a button. Not only can these be lifted by one person and stored anywhere, you can also control which half of the sunbed bulbs you want on. So if you only want to tan your top or bottom half its possible. With the added benefit of a digital remote control you are in full control of all your tanning needs.

Elec Facial.JPG

The double lay down sunbed comes delivered in pieces and is installed onsite, all you require is a suitable space and a plug socket near by. The size is 2 metres in lengh and 685mm width. Access through a normal size door is all thats required. New low energy design only 6amps required (household sockets are 13amps) Optimised UVA/UVB tanning performance. 

All the benefits of a commercial sunbed at home at the fraction of the cost. Introducing the ultimate in lay down home sunbed. Purpose build for the home hire market, super strong bulbs for a superior all over even tan. We deliver and install the sunbed at a location of your choice. All you need is a plug socket near by. Unlike some sunbeds these only require one plug socket not x2

The full specs can be found on the Philips website but here are the main features. When the sunbed is folded it folds down to the size of a suitcase, one metre tall by half a meter wide and a foot deep. The sunbed can be unfolded by one person or left unfolded at all times. It has a gas spring which make it very easy to open and has wheels to be moved easily whilst folded or unfolded. The sunbed uses x4 high powered bulbs and has x2 for added side tanning. The sunbeds have an added facial plus boost, at a touch of a button extra boost is added to one half of the sunbed.

A little sunshine every day boosts our mood and helps us to prevent a host of serious illnesses. According to many scientific studies that have been performed, there are strong indications that a little sunshine has more benefits for you and your body than you probably know. Here are some benefits of sunshine. Receive vitamin D, increase bone structure, reduce heart disease, reduce risk of cancers, weight loss, prepare for summer, relieve pain, cure skin disorders and boosts the immune system.


1 Elite Elec.JPG
1 Front of Elite Elec.jpg

NEW Elite 9 Single Electronic Stand up / laydown

The Elite Electronic has been designed as the ultimate light-weight foldaway unit for home use. This 0.3 compliant 9 tube, curved canopy, includes an additional 4 tube facial as standard and requires no heavy choke box, as it is powered by TOP QUALITY European electronic chokes.  Using all new 0.3 compliant LOW ENERGY/ HIGH POWER ‘Evolution Electronic’ tubes, this unit provides optimum UVB output, resulting in a deeper, longer lasting tan. The Elite range is manufactured using Acrylic Capped A.S.A plastic and UPVC, each of the tanning units are extremely robust yet also easy to manoeuvre around the home.

These sunbeds are manufactured in Great Britain using only the highest quality components and wherever possible comply with the latest relevant British and European standards. The Elite 9 tube has an ultra-modern design which combines stylish curves and several unique features to provide the ultimate home foldaway sunbed.

  • Integral 4 tube leg or facial boost panels

  • Hour Counters

  • 0.3 Compliant with optimised UVB

    Low Energy / High Power Evolution Electronic Tubes

  • Extended tube life

  • Power saving – only 3.5amps

  • No separate choke box required (saving 16kg)

  • No starters required

  • All units are curved to promote an even all over tan

  • Appropriate safety timers fitted to comply with current legislation

  • Fully adjustable spring loaded stand

  • Cool tanning for a more pleasant experience